State IT Projects Oversight Audit Request Approved by Legislature

Oversight and Accountability for State Technology Systems

For immediate release:

SACRAMENTO—The California Joint Legislative Audit Committee has voted 12-0 to approve a performance audit of the California Department of Technology’s (CDT) responsibilities regarding oversight of state information technology (IT) procurements, oversight, and security for the State of California. While the State Auditor has audited portions of IT systems under the CDT umbrella, and routinely checks up on particularly troubled projects like FI$CAL, the Legislature needs a more comprehensive view of the systems that undergird California’s departments. Currently, CDT oversees 26 IT projects costing the State nearly $3.5 billion. Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris, Chair of the Assembly Accountability and Administrative Review Committee is asking for this audit so the Legislature has an accurate and thorough understanding of the department’s role in order to make necessary changes.  

“The pandemic showed us the disastrous results of state IT systems that are overloaded, antiquated, and not ready for the task ahead,” said Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris (D-Irvine). “This audit request is a critically needed look at the technology systems Californians should be able to easily rely on every day to interact with their government and obtain vital services.  We will use this report to legislate action to ensure our state’s IT systems are safe-guarded, nimble, and responsive to our ever-evolving reality. ”

CDT is the central information technology organization for the State and is responsible for approving, overseeing, and monitoring certain State IT projects, as well as completing regular project oversight reports detailing the progress of those projects. CDT’s responsibilities for IT projects and oversight may increase as departments replace outdated legacy systems and identify more efficient and effective ways to implement technology in the provision of services.

This request includes an examination of the role that CDT plays in project procurement, project oversight, and how it interacts with the departments that use its services. Californians are interacting more and more with Government services online. This audit will help the Legislature  make sure that the Department of Technology is right-sized, offering appropriate project oversight, and ready to meet the challenges of serving millions of residents.