10.20.21 Oil spill: Laguna and Huntington Beach both pass anti-drilling resolutions

Excerpted from the Orange County Register

By Susan Christian Goulding

Still reeling from the oil spill that fouled local waters and coated wildlife, Huntington Beach and Laguna Beach city councils each passed resolutions Tuesday, Oct. 19, calling for limits on off-shore drilling.


Whalen said he hopes the new city resolutions will inspire more communities to take a formal stand and spur legislative changes on the state and federal level.

“We might be able to get other coastal cities to consider it,” he said. “If you had Los Angeles or San Diego weigh in, then it starts to move the needle.”

Petrie-Norris agreed: “The show of unity from our local communities is an important part of mobilizing a successful movement. Citizens all across California are demanding an end to offshore drilling, and policymakers need to listen.”