02.11.2021 Is New EDD Identity Verification Process Causing More Problems For Victims Of Fraud?

Excerpted from CBS Los Angeles 

By CBS Staff

So why are people like Lake, Green and Rowlen waiting weeks, if not months, to access their benefits after verifying their identities?

Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris, D-Laguna Beach, who sits on an EDD oversight committee, said she was trying to find the answer.

“I think this department has fundamentally failed Californians,” she said. “I’ll say that ID.me has definitely been a step forward compared to the manual verification process that EDD was using previously, but it is obviously still not working well enough. It is still not good enough, and the people of California deserve better.”


Hall said EDD told his company that it takes up to 10 days for them to process an ID.me verified identity.

“If more than that 7- to 10-day window goes by, they should absolutely escalate to us, to their lawmaker, to EDD help desk staff, because it should not take longer than that once it gets back to our workforce agency partners,” he said.

Gabriel Rodriguez, a single father of three, said he has been waiting since Jan. 2.