We will not go back


I am horrified and heartbroken. And I am also angry. The Supreme Court’s conservative justices lied in order to get confirmed and now they are following through to destroy one of the most basic rights women have – the right to make decisions about their own bodies. And let’s be clear: the Supreme Court will not stop here. They have already indicated they will continue to further dismantle rulings preventing gun violence and protecting access to contraception and same-sex marriage. 

This is a dark moment for all of us. It’s ok to recognize that. But we need to stand up, dust ourselves off, and fight back with everything we have. 

What other choice do we have? 

In California, we are working to protect and expand access to reproductive healthcare — not just for Californians, but for American women across the country who now will need to come to our state to access basic healthcare. I am proud to be authoring Assembly Bill 1918 to expand California’s reproductive healthcare workforce, and I’m also a proud co-author of Senate Constitutional Amendment 10 to enshrine the right to safe and legal access to reproductive healthcare services in California’s Constitution. 

I'll always fight to make sure that California remains a place where your private, fundamental healthcare decisions belong to you – not Samuel Alito or Brett Kavanaugh. 

Those before us worked too hard and sacrificed too much for us to go backwards. We will not go back. And so, please join me in getting fired up to fight for our rights and our Democracy. 

In solidarity,