Nonprofit of the Year


Especially throughout the pandemic, nonprofits have served as a vital lifeline for keeping our communities safe and healthy. As a part of California Nonprofit Day in June, I asked members of our community to submit their nominations for Nonprofit of the Year for our district. The nomination process was wildly successful, and we gathered hundreds of nominations, surpassing the total for previous years.

The Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach was selected as the 2021 Nonprofit of the Year for our Assembly District. In addition to our Nonprofit of the Year, I have also selected 5 Nonprofits of Distinction from each city in the district: The Power of One Foundation (Costa Mesa), the Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center (Huntington Beach), Miracles for Kids (Irvine), Age Well (Laguna Woods) and Project Self Sufficiency (Newport Beach).

I invite you to watch the virtual Nonprofit of the Year Celebration I hosted on my Facebook page. It was an honor to celebrate the community contributions of these organizations, and to hear about their challenges and successes from the past year.

My office is always available to answer your questions or connect you with any state resources.