Standing Committees

Accountability and Administrative Review, Chair
The Accountability and Administrative Review Committee is responsible for identifying efficiencies in the management of state government, reviewing and studying the implementation, operation and effectiveness of state programs and agencies.  

As Chair, I am particularly focused on implementing a data-driven approach to ensure that:

  • Legislation and programs are implemented correctly
  • Government spending is aligned with legislative intent
  • Taxpayer dollars are being spent efficiently and effectively

Revenue & Taxation
The Rev & Tax Committee evaluates any proposed changes to the Revenue and Tax Code. The Revenue & Taxation Committee evaluate proposals that propose both new tax credits and new tax assessments, as well as policy changes that clean up existing tax code. 

These policies are critically important, because people feel them right away in their paychecks and in their wallets. According to the Franchise Tax Board – in 2019, the average Californian paid $5,000 in taxes on $82,643 in income.

Of the 21 million veterans in the United States, about 1.8 million live in California – more than in any other state.

My father is a Veteran, and I am proud to serve on the Veterans Affairs Committee. My goal is to ensure that California honors the Veterans who have sacrificed so much for our freedom.

We consider policy proposals that impact the Cal-Vet loan program, Department of Veterans Affairs, National Guard, State military and other Veterans issues.

Select Committees

Student Debt, Chair
Every 28 seconds, someone defaults on a student loan. As Chair of the Select Committee on Student Debt, I am focused on finding real solutions for California’s 3.7 million borrowers. We will be holding hearings across the state in order to:

  • End abusive practices by the student loan industry.
  • Create new “rules of the road” for student loan companies.
  • Create special protections for vulnerable populations.
  • Create a new Student Borrower Advocate in California.
  • Demand transparency from the student loan industry.
  • Empower borrowers with financial literacy.

Domestic Violence
One in three women will experience Domestic Violence in her lifetime. One in three.

Domestic violence does not discriminate on race, class or creed; does not care where you live, whether you are rich or poor. This pervasive violence touches every community in California.

The Select Committee on Domestic Violence is doing important work to bring this topic out of the shadows, to end the stigma that still exists and to stop the cycle of violence.

Orange County Chronic Homelessness
On any given night in Orange County, more than 6,000 men, women & children are without a place to sleep. Along with many of my constituents, addressing this crisis is one of my top priorities.

As your representative, I am working with State, County and Local leaders to identify solutions and to secure the needed resources to fund these programs. When we look at program funding, I have three key objectives:

  1. Ensure that the State is spending money efficiently & effectively
  2. Secure Orange County’s fair share of state funding
  3. Channel funding to proven programs in order to address urgent short term needs

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Education is the most important investment that we can make.
But California students are falling behind – particularly when it comes to STEM fields.

In order for California to continue to be a world-class economic powerhouse, we need to prepare students for the jobs of the future – and for careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

I love being able to expand students’ horizons, open up new opportunities and help them fulfill their potential.

Sea Level Rise and the California Economy
Climate Change is real, now and urgent.
It is the fundamental challenge facing our generation.

By the end of this century, sea levels are projected to rise by 5 feet. Millions of people and billions of dollars are directly at risk from sea level rise. Unless we act now.

To Protect the Coast, I have authored AB65 which will invest in green infrastructure in order to combat sea level rise. There is much more that needs to be done. This select committee will dive into the economic risk of sea level rise so that we can develop a comprehensive policy road map to respond to this threat.

Technological Advances
California is the birthplace of modern technology and the home of some of the world’s most storied and successful technology companies.

Technology is changing much of what we do and how we do it. Our technology driven world is full of promise, and also full of challenges. As policymakers, it is important that we are deliberate and thoughtful in how we anticipate and plan for technological advances. We want to ensure that innovation is harnessed for progress, prosperity and public good.

In addition to serving on the Select Committee on Technological Advances, I have partnered with my colleague Senator Henry Stern on legislation to establish the California Commission on the Future of Work.