Additional Resources on COVID-19


As the situation around COVID-10 continues to develop, we'll have additional resources under this section, including employment resources and informational-sharing resources. 



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Federal Updates

To date, the House has passed two COVID-19 stimulus bills, including a $2 trillion dollar package which will offer individuals a $1,200 stimulus check. 

Please continue to check for more information, but until then, here's a basic overview

Additional employment resources

If your employment has been impacted by COVID-19, please know that you can apply for unemployment benefits from the state. Thanks to Governor Newsom's March 12th Executive Order, the normal wait period for EDD has been waived. 

There are also local agencies and employers who are now looking to hire in the area, to address urgent community needs, including: 

Please note: this office has no role in the hiring process. We are only sharing information provided by community partners.