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05.09.21 Bill asks: How many children marry in California?

Excerpted from the Orange County Register

By Brooke Staggs

If you are younger than 18 in California you can’t get a tattoo, buy a Lottery ticket, or visit a tanning bed. But you can get married.

California is one of only 11 states that has no minimum age requirement for marriage.

RELEASE: Bill to Expand Domestic Violence Services Advances

AB 689 Will Modernize Hotline Services to Include Text and Chat

SACRAMENTO – Legislation to expand domestic violence services, authored by Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris, has passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee with unanimous bipartisan support. AB 689 will allow for survivors of domestic violence to seek help via text and other computer-based technologies.

RELEASE: Momentum Builds to End Child Marriage in California

AB 1286 Will Strengthen County Reporting Requirements

SACRAMENTO – In a critical step to end child marriage, Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris has introduced AB 1286 which passed the Assembly Health Committee with unanimous bipartisan support. This bill requires counties to report the number of child marriages to the state on a quarterly basis. California is one of only 13 states that does not have a minimum age requirement for marriage.

RELEASE: Earth Day Focus on Sea-Level Rise Prevention

Leading Experts Strategize to Safeguard California’s Coast and Cut Green Tape

SACRAMENTO – In celebration of Earth Day, Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris held a virtual press conference with leading scientists and advocates to highlight the risks threatening California’s coastal communities. The Assemblywoman highlighted legislative efforts to cut green tape and expand coastal protection. 

04.21.21 New bill would expand domestic violence hotline services in California

Excerpted from Spectrum News 1

By Sarina Sandoval and Hannah Poukish

A Southern California legislator proposed a new law to help domestic violence centers expand their hotline services for victims of abuse.

Assemblymember Cottie Petrie-Norris (D-Laguna Beach) introduced Assembly Bill 689 to support these organizations as they update their services to include computer chat and phone text platforms.


RELEASE: Legislation to Close a Dangerous Ghost Gun Loophole Moves Forward

AB 1057 Adds Handmade Firearms to Gun Violence Restraining Orders

SACRAMENTO – America continues to battle an epidemic of gun violence. In the last month alone, our nation has suffered more than 45 mass shootings. In response to this rise in gun violence, the California Legislature continues to work for comprehensive gun safety laws.

04.21.21 Ghost guns could be regulated by new California bill

Excerpted from the Orange County Register

By Brooke Staggs

A man who went on a shooting rampage in the tiny Northern California town of Rancho Tehama Reserve in 2017, killing five people, had a court order prohibiting him from buying or owning guns.

But Kevin Janson Neal took advantage of a loophole in California laws aimed at keeping guns away from people flagged as dangerous: He built his own rifles at home.


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